Meet with our team

Every journey begins with one small step. We know that time is precious so online meetings are the most appropriate for a start. We always welcome signing an NDA so we can discuss freely all aspects of our future partnership. Our team of experts collect all the needed data like time frames, LOTs, target prices and specific details so we can offer the best solution to our customers.


Keeping in mind customer requirements our qualified engineers use CAE, CAM and CAD to optimize and perfect your products. Meanwhile, ourĀ  supply chain manager looks for the best offer for raw material and the shortest lead time from our trusted vendors. Then we present a detailed quote accordingly.

Tool manufacturing and samples

In order to get the best results we are manufacturing all the needed tooling in-house. That gives us an opportunity to do precise refinements, minimizing the costs and perfecting the finished goods. The produced samples are shipped to our customers so they can verify the overall quality and especially the quality of welding. After that we can proceed to independent tests made by external companies.

Serial production

The pipelined production can be organized to suit the needs of the customer. Our equipment allows for annual production of 250 000 pieces. The welding processes are manual TIG and automated MIG with Fanuc robots and Fronius welding machines. To provide consistent high quality cutting of complicated hydroformed tubes, we rely on Fanuc fiber laser cutting robots. All the required heat treatment is also done in-house. We are able to do hydroforming on 1200t hydroforming press.

Fast Shipping

In order to optimise timeline and costs we collaborate with transport companies and companies that give end to end solutions in surface finish. Being in Europe gives the chance to ship to every part of the continent in just 10 days, that also means shorter and cheaper business trips.

Flexible solutions

Production equipment like hydroforming and laser cutting allowing the supply of complex products

Batch manufacture

A maximum capacity of 250,000 frames per annum situated in the heart of Europe


Close proximity and easy access to large assembly facilities

Quick delivery

5 days transport to the most distant point in Europe