Bicycles are essential to us, we are passionate about cycling and it’s not just a hobby, but our way of life.

We had our experience with developing a high quality brand for mountain bikes that led to forming a whole community of enthusiast cyclists.

Like most companies in the business we worked with Asian suppliers for our frames and eventually we were tired of long lead times, errors due to miscommunication and impossible MOQs. Our choice was to begin our odyssey in bringing back the craftsmanship of alloy frames meant for the European market back where it belongs – in Europe.

We started back in 2018 and in order to be able to give a fair price to our customers, we needed to be fast and efficient so we needed the right location. Our choice was Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We found the perfect place that needed a lot of renovation, but we made it just like our own. In 2019 the shipment and installation of equipment was happening every single week and in the meanwhile we were receiving the technology from our Taiwanese consultants. In 2020 we are fully operational and ready to manufacture finished goods that we are proud of.


An idea
March 2016

Anton Nastev started the search for potential in frame manufacturing in Europe. Not long after that the idea was embraced by his partner Alexander Davidkov and they founded Arcane Industries in order to have a legal entity which can approach potential investors.

CycleGets was founded
January 2018

Arcane Industries with two other bulgarian companies Uneeda Industries and Empower Capital Fund founded Cycle Gets as Joint Stock company.

Factory renovation started
September 2018

The operation of Cycle Gets is located in the premises of an old factory for industrial hydro power generators in the industrial area of Sofia.

First order
January 2020

First order for manufacturing e-bike frames were received.

The management team

Anton Nastev
Anton Nastev

CEO Operations, Chief engineer & Shareholder. Graduated from the Technical University of Sofia and obtained an MS Degree from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Preslav Georgiev
Preslav Georgiev

CFO. Graduated from the Aberystwyth-National University Wales Responsible for the control and reporting function in the company.